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Asset Management

Amadeus Capital SA offers to all its clients Investment Solutions that complement their existing portfolios and provide diversification.

Our strength is to propose to each client Niche Strategy opportunities and an access to Club Deal investments in Real Estate and Private Equity alongside with a selected group of entrepreneurs and family businesses. The client has therefore access to strategies with potentially higher returns and contained volatility.

In collaboration with W Capital Management in Gibraltar, a sister company, licensed as an AIFM by the FSC Gibraltar, Amadeus Capital SA has direct access to several successful niche strategy portfolio managers.  

W Capital Management, specialized in Niche Strategies, collaborates with carefully selected portfolio managers. After seeding managed accounts, W Capital Management may decide to transform a managed account, whose strategy has been successfully confirmed, into a fund open for investors.

We can highlight three successful strategies:
A strategy based on merger arbitrage deals: The investment objective is to achieve high absolute returns, low volatility and a superior risk adjusted profile. This to distinguish from typical long only equity or long/short equity strategies. The strategy invests primarily in public and announced merger arbitrage situations. The managers benefit from almost 20 years of experience in the financial markets and are specialized in Merger Arbitrage.

A strategy that mixes systematic (discretionary model) and quantitative (non-discretionary model) approaches: The investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation through tactical trading in the major EUR/USD indices and their components.
The systematic approach consists of a yield enhancement through the constant cashing of volatility on EU indices and equity options, as well as a daily mean reverse process triggered on standard deviations. The quantitative model part selects 20 stocks out of the NASDAQ-100® Stock Index, equally weighted, and rebalances every week. The model also uses a dynamic hedging policy which may be fully active or not, applied at any time. The weight of the allocations among the strategies is flexible and according to market opportunities. The Portfolio managers in charge of these strategies have worked together and have been developing these strategies for more than 17 years.

A strategy based on special situations: The investment objective of the strategy is to provide a long-term capital appreciation primarily through a portfolio of investments in equities and equity related securities in European companies with a strong focus on German companies. The strategy invests in companies facing a special situation or showing a deep undervaluation compared to their quality profile. 

Aside from Niche Strategies, Amadeus Capital SA has also built its expertise in Real Estate and Private Equity Deals. Through the affiliated company Neo Holding SA, Amadeus Capital SA has participated in several high profile and profitable European deals in Real Estate and Private Equity over the recent years. Normally, in order to have access to top deals in Real Estate and Private Equity the size of the portfolio is important and generally the investor must have access to a global network of contacts. Our network allows us to be part of a closed and private group of investors having access to such special deals. Under our umbrella and a special vehicle created for that purpose, our clients may benefit from this network and invest alongside with the investment company Neo Holding SA.

When it comes to service providers we choose for our clients, we can be objective and unbiased, as we do not retain commissions on any third party products. We can freely negotiate the best conditions and services for our customers.


Portfolio Management

Amadeus Capital SA conducts active research on asset allocation techniques. Our proprietary modeling allows us to break down and analyse the underlying sources of risks and returns for each investment. We then use these detailed profiles to construct portfolios tailored to the specific client's needs. Using this technique, we can target any combination of specific objectives such as returns, volatility, time horizon and market factor exposure.

The investment process always starts with the objectives set by the client.

We first spend the necessary time with our client to determine his time horizon, risk tolerance, market knowledge, expected returns and the overall goal of the discretionary or non-discretionary asset management agreement.

Depending on the agreed strategy, we implement the appropriate framework which is the driving factor of the investment process. The determined constraints allow the investment committee to take the adequate investment decisions for each particular client, with the possibility to invest in niche strategies and/or special vehicles for Real Estate or Private Equity (see détails under Asset Management)

Amadeus Capital SA uses Allocare AMS ®, a powerful asset management tool, to produce, amongst other things, portfolio analysis, client reportings and reconciliation reports of all position elements. 

The quantitative risk management is an integral part of our investment process. In this regard, Amadeus Capital SA operates with the systems of Northstar Risk Corp in New York, which provide mathematical and statistical models as well as data feeds. This tool helps to understand market exposures, value at risk (VaR), correlations and sensitivities across asset classes, strategies and individual instruments.

Family Office

Client satisfaction is our mantra. More than an investment solutions provider, we assure to our clients comprehensive, tailored and confidential services. Amadeus Capital SA collaborates with a network of qualified professionals who serve clients directly with their advices related to real estate acquisitions, succession, fiscal or cross border planning.

Consolidation Reporting

Allocare AMS ® is a powerful and flexible front-to-back asset management software which allows Amadeus Capital SA to meet the highest quality standards in asset management. This tool simplifies monitoring of portfolios, allows simulations for new positions or strategies, conducts risk and constraint controls and generates the respective orders. The strong part of this tool is its ability to consolidate various portfolios of an individual, a group of accounts or a family into one single statement, englobing not only bank accounts, but also hard assets such as collections, art, real estate, cars, etc.

Amadeus Capital SA developed fully automated in-house procedures which perform complete reconciliation processes, diverse reports for portfolio analysis and detailed performance measurements.

A client login to this system will be available in the near future. This exceptional access (usually only offered by banks) will enable clients to directly access their portfolios on-line and view on their mobile devices a certain number of reports, such as portfolio overviews, allocation graphics, performance breakdowns, dashboards and transaction lists. All this on their individual and/or consolidated portfolios.