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How Swiss wealth managers can keep flying

The thought-provoking cocktail of digital (technology) disruption, low yield environment and the rise of passive investment products is severely impacting the traditional Swiss wealth management and many players are not prepared for it.


Learning from mistakes

In the fast paced financial world it is easy to get carried away by the daily ups and downs. But taking a step back now and then to calmly reflect our actions is essential for lasting success. We can only improve over time if we systematically learn from mistakes and we can only learn from our mistakes if we identify them properly.


Don't stockpile on crude

Every crash, however painful, can be seen as an opportunity. We are therefore putting a lot of effort in evaluating possibilities to capitalize on current price dislocations.


About value traps

The underperformance of the value factor since the Great Financial Crisis has been dramatic and the latest Corona crisis means another blow to investors exposed to it.