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Foundation and family governance: how can values be passed down through the generations?

As part of our collaborative publications, we are pleased to share with you an article on “Foundation and family governance: How can values be passed down through the generations?” This article was written by Delphine Bottge, founder of PURPOSE LAWYERS, and is complemented by a reflection based on our experience at Amadeus Capital SA. ....................................................................................................... Dans le cadre de nos publications collaboratives, nous avons le plaisir de partager ici avec vous un article sur « Fondation et gouvernance familiale : Comment transmettre ses valeurs au fil des générations ? » Cet article a été rédigé par Delphine Bottge, fondatrice de PURPOSE LAWYERS et est complété par une réflexion fruit de notre expérience chez Amadeus Capital SA.


LP Led Secondaries – the private market ETF equivalent?

Buying second-hand can be a good idea, not only for vintage cars and watches. Accessing opportunities in private markets without betting the bank on a few concentrated positions or being crushed by fees can be challenging for smaller investors, given high minimum tickets, limited transparency, and administrative burdens. Our article explores so-called LP Led Secondaries, investments in well-diversified portfolios of pre-owned funds, typically purchased at significant discounts, especially this year.


Do analysts predict market returns?

Sell-side analysts working for investment banks routinely issue forward-looking price targets for the stocks they cover. Data providers like Bloomberg aggregate the target prices published by sell-side analysts to derive a marketwide consensus price target. We have asked ourselves whether the return outlook given by analysts on aggregate (consensus estimate) does provide information about future market performance. The answer is simple and disappointing but yields some intriguing insights into the sell-side analyst’s reaction function.


Who is afraid of the continuation fund?

As the private equity industry has grown and captured an increasing share of investors' portfolios, it has become increasingly common for managers to set up so-called continuation funds. Market observers have criticized the practice as potentially allowing General Partners to avoid testing their assets' valuations in the public realm. At the same time, GP Leds can be viewed as a rational development in a maturing ecosystem and an attractive addition to private market portfolios.