Amadeus is the Family Finlab that creates, develops and offers to wealthy families innovative asset solutions combined with foreground technology.


Amadeus was born a Family Finlab ahead of its time, entirely dedicated to its founders’ families.

In 1983 and after several decades spent on capital markets, a small group of investors led by Uwe Brockmann created in Geneva a company aiming at servicing their needs in the field of investments and wealth engineering. Over 15 years, this would remain Amadeus’ main focus.

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Independence, commitment, transparency, stability, reliability and rationality are the values on which Amadeus built itself all along the years of partnership with its family clients. They guarantee our unwavering commitment to the management and defence of their interests and a complete alignment of our interests.



Among the causes dear to our hearts are those related to the health and longevity of humanity.

Affected by the illness in our families, we are committed to the Swiss Association for the Research on Alzheimer's, cocreated and presided by Tim Brockmann.

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