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Does 1 and 1 really make 3 in value investing?

Value investing is one of the oldest approaches in single stock picking but over the past decade the style has lost some of its appeal. Numerous researchers and investors have therefore suggested enhanced value strategies that usually combine valuation driven screenings with quality criteria and claim that such strategies result in superior securities selection. Based on various backtests, our paper challenges these claim and emphasises the important of using appropriate multi-factor benchmarks for multi-factor strategies.


Amadeus Capital is moving

Dear families, dear clients, dear partners, dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that from Monday March 22nd onwards, the Amadeus Capital team will be receiving you at 14 rue Rodolphe-Toepffer, in Geneva, its new headquarters. Built in 1867 by the Swiss naturalist painter Louis-Auguste Veillon to shelter both his family and his atelier, our house will enable us to host our family-clients and our business partners in a more comfortable and suitable manner.



Are robots taking over wealth management?

Robo Advisors have spooked parts of the Financial Industry with their no-frills Wealth Management solutions. While the ETF industry is successfully using them as another distribution platform for their products, smaller banks and independent Asset & Wealth Managers are at risk of falling behind. In our paper we demystify the “Robo” term and, shedding light on the performance of leading German players, show why we think that Multi-Asset Funds are still a very good alternative for end investors.