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How much risk-taking is required to beat inflation?

Over ten years of financial repression have painfully reminded investors of the difficulty of preserving their wealth. Since then, interest rates have rebounded, but with them came a return of the spectre of inflation, making the outlook for real rates much less rosy. For return-seeking, risk-tolerant investors, the slow erosion of purchase power may be less of an issue, but for wealthy investors, it frequently matters.

We have, therefore, taken a closer look at the long-term trajectory of inflation-adjusted interest rates and asked how much exposure to riskier assets like stocks defensive investors should take to protect their estates.


Capital Markets Assumptions Q1 2024

What returns can be expected from a given multi-asset portfolio in the medium to long term? The answer is far from simple and depends on a number of variables, including expectations of economic growth, inflation, equity market valuation ratios and interest rates.

We have therefore developed a series of models that derive estimates for future returns based on prevailing market conditions and the historical behaviour of different asset classes.


Is private debt worth the fees?

Private debt is booming, but as always in the private markets, opacity makes it challenging for investors to understand what they are actually exposed to. In our third Private Market Primer, we provide an introduction to the asset class and, based on various data sources and publications, highlight our approach to and understanding of its risk profile and expected returns.